Vancouver Island Zone

Bill Velie from Vancouver Island Zone receiving the Best Administered Zone Award for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.

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Provincial Emergency Program Air (PEP Air) is an aviation association that assists the Canadian Forces during search and rescue missions. Should an airplane go down in BC, PEP Air would respond. The Northeastern zone covered by the local PEP Air [...]

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Flight Exercises, April 22nd

Wow, quite a day!  Another day for CASARA Nanaimo to be very proud of.  Two flights; one in support of Cowichan (Ground) SAR, the other a regular training exercise. The common denominator; Accuracy.  Both flights must be commended on their [...]

Flight Exercises, April 22nd2021-12-01T17:13:08-07:00

Flight Training Exercise, April 8th.

The weather did not fully cooperate but equally did not stop our successfully launching 4 flights using two aircraft, on Saturday, allowing us to achieve several goals.  John led flights 01 & 03 with Dallen as Nav and a combination [...]

Flight Training Exercise, April 8th.2021-12-01T17:13:08-07:00

Nanaimo GSAR Workshop

A workshop was held, March 19th, with Search Managers from Nanaimo GSAR to allow them to see first hand how we operate and to explore how the two SAR units could cooperate to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of [...]

Nanaimo GSAR Workshop2017-04-25T09:11:57-07:00
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