Vancouver Island Zone Evaluation

All CASARA members have to maintain continuous minimum levels of training. There are both land and air based requirements, “Currency”.  These Currency requirements have to maintained on a rolling 12 month basis for each level of membership; Pilots, Navigators [...]

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April 23rd saw the fourth Air Exercise for the month, helping boost our available Nav roster. Unfortunately our joint Exercise with CASARA Victoria, on the 29th, was cancelled due to poor weather/flying conditions. This was doubly unfortunate as 4, possibly [...]

AIR EXERCISE(S) ~ APRIL.V22018-04-29T09:02:13-07:00


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Three flights were undertaken on the 6th, 9th & 12th. Two by CGIEO and the third by CFBXA.  These air exercises provided currency requirements for two Navigators; Howard & Peter.

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PEP Air – TMMS Introduction.

MARCH31, 2018 TMMS is ready for viewing! (CMS Replacement Software) Hi Everyone, The TMMS Software to replace the CMS software is finally picking up momentum. There is still a lot of work to do ( mostly in the training ) as [...]

PEP Air – TMMS Introduction.2021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00

CASARA, What We Do & Why

Interested in Volunteering?  Take a view of what we do and why we do it.  Then consider dropping us a message via our contact info.

CASARA, What We Do & Why2021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00

Air Exercise, March 30

CFBXA took the skies on Good Friday to help add important currency certifications for Dallen (Nav) and Ted (Spotter). Target(s) was successfully found. Thanks to Howard and Peter for the target placement.

Air Exercise, March 302021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00
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