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Ever Wondered …..

Have you ever wondered how they test ELTs? NASA dropped a Cessna 172 from 100 feet at the Langley Landing and Impact Research Facility to do just that. Make sure to watch at 3:49 for some awesome slow motion video. NASA is developing next-gen [...]

Busy Week for Nanaimo

Two callout requests for assistance from two different Ground Search & Rescue units.  CASARA was stood down on both Tasks before we could get airborne.  The good news was that both missing persons were found and in good health after [...]


PEP Air May you all Rest in Peace! 25 years ago today, July 7, 1996, we lost an Air SAR team while they were searching for another downed aircraft. The pilot of the missing Air Craft became a SAR Pilot [...]

Air Training Exercise

An Air Training Exercise, single aircraft & crew, two flights were successfully completed after a WX postponement from Thursday.  The Exercise completed 4 defined Search patterns both to the north & south of Nanaimo airport.   Crew members completed 3 hrs [...]

Training Resumes

After many, many weeks of no flying we finally got back into the air today, May 25th. It's been a long wait. With vaccine rates increasing across the membership, enhanced safety protocols including double masking members are even more confident [...]


  Safety Gear, or PPE as its better known in these Covid times. Aircraft deployment is oft times weather dependant. The same 'luxury' is rarely afforded to our Ground Homing Technicians. They can be despatched to locate active ELTs/EPIRBs 24/7 [...]

Search & Rescue Volunteer Memorial Day – BC

First Tasking of 2021

Yesterday evening, January 11th, CASARA Nanaimo, in conjunction with CASARA Victoria, was tasked to provide air support to Juan de Fuca SAR in their ongoing search for a missing kayaker over on the west coast.  WX prevented a flight but [...]

New Year, New Challenges

With the New Year comes new challenges.  2020's COVID-19 restrictions saw the Unit enter 2021 with many member's Currency/Certification expired or about to expire.  Member's cannot, as a rule, participate in an actual Task - Search without their specialist certifications [...]

United Way – Directed Donation

United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island We were happy to present the MIASARS (Mid Island Air Search and Rescue) Board with a donation cheque from one of our generous donors! Receiving the cheque - Anita Vallee, Chair of the [...]