Become a MIASARS /

MIASARS periodically accepts applications for new memberships.

The first step is an informal interview and application form to determine the candidates qualifications and skill set and to elaborate on expectations and requirements for the new group members being recruited at that time. Information from interested candidates is vetted by a membership comittee which then extends an invitation to join MIASARS, based on current membership needs.

As with most volunteer groups we are looking for committed people to fill our volunteer roles.  The level of commitment varies, but generally MIASARS members expect to attend monthly evening meetings focused on team updates and classrooom training,  and approximately one flying / search exercise [SAREX] a month. In addition of course are the actual ‘Call outs’  for real searches, that happen at any time, but often only require a small group of 4 -6 members to attend. We do not carry pagers, but obviously members that can’t be reached by phone, can’t participate. Participation in regular training exercises and academic training is required to maintain currency standards set by CASARA regulations.

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Roles & Qualifications

Each role carries a special set of duties, training and physical requirements.


Spotters are the search team’s “eyes in the sky,” responsible for visually finding the targets of a search operation. Most of our members are qualified as spotters, arguably the most important position to our missions and usually the first qualification attained by new members . Occasionally advanced training is available from CASARA to fly on military SAR aircraft from 442 Sqaudron, such as the CC-115 Buffalo.


Navigators must be aware of the aircraft’s position at all times. They help with the flight plan, advise the pilot on destination and ensure that all flight hazards are avoided. Navigators may be pilots (current or not) or non-pilots with training and/or aptitude for airborne navigation. Non-pilot members with an aptitude and interest in becoming search navigators can train to become navigators.


Fly the planes that help save lives in CASARA’s search and rescue operations. Pilots are required to have a private licence and at least 200 hours total and 150 hours PIC. However new Pilots are very rarely recruited to MIASARS for a couple of reasons. Due to the weights of 4 person crews, and our mountainous terrain, performance singles are preferred for local CASARA activities,. This  means that pilots need to come with an aircraft to fly. And secondly, our limited budgets, combined with the math of currency requirements for existing pilots in the group, limit the number of hours available to be flown.

The minimum requirements for
flying crew are:

  • 19 years old
  • Current Licence Validation Certificate or Medical Self-Declaration
  • 20/20 vision (natural or corrected)
  • Good concentration and communication skill
  • Some body weight restrictions and sufficient mobility to enter and exit light aircraft
  • Stamina to fly for 2-3 hours at a stretch (occasionally during uncomfortable weather conditions)

Additional  Search Activities:

Ground Team

Homing in on radio signal with ELT homer often in Coordination with search aircraft.

Support Team

Volunteers are sometimes needed to assist with administration and other office duties.