MIASARS is a volunteer and not-for-profit organization providing air search and rescue services to the public in the mid-island region of Vancouver Island.

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We are pilots, navigators, spotters, search coordinators, electronic specialists, radio operators, and administration staff. We are trained to work as spotters on military aircraft, and to carry out searches using light aircraft and ground vehicles.

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We are dedicated to providing air search support services and to the promotion of Canada’s Search and Rescue Program across Canada. Our volunteers, who receive no remuneration, are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist those in need of search and rescue.

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Busy few weeks for the CASARA/PEP Air Nanaimo team.  Training continues to be the mainstay of our activities and shows no let-up just because of the Fall or even time-changes ! October 26:  Canadian Coast [...]

Parachute Landing & Self Rescue

On 27 July, pilot Matt Lehtinen was flying above Quebec when he experienced engine trouble in his Cirrus SR-22. He deployed the aircraft’s parachute system and filmed his actions to alert search and rescue teams and [...]

Help Name this “New Puppy”!

Help choose the name of #Canada's new Search and Rescue aircraft! The #RCAF is considering five possible names for the new CC-295 fixed-wing SAR aircraft. See the names and make your choice on our site: The RCAF commander will [...]