Nanaimo CASARA attended Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Training – presented by Dave from Ridge Wilderness

We had two groups Thursday, Friday April 7, 8  and Saturday, Sunday April 9, 10, 2016

Thanks to Dave who taught us everything from why we wear white or light clothing to protect us from airborne disease like mosquito’s to checking our ABCs.

How do we spot someone with Hypothermia and determine if it is mild, moderate or severe.   Has the person stopped shivering, stopped complaining about being cold, is the temperature below 30, do they have slowed breathing…Do we Wrap or not Wrap to bring their body temperature up.  Two of us wrapped up lone member like a mummy, he was hot, sweating and felt the urge to use the facilities….poor guy…we made him wait till Dave saw our perfect creation

Do YOU know what to do with someone suffering from shock, or someone is having a heart attack or not breathing?

I loved using our creativity building our survival shelters and bandaging our partners in precarious positions using what we had in our packs and the surrounding branches.

Now everywhere I go I look at the surrounding area to see what I can use in an emergency.

I’m in survival mode now….