Wow, quite a day!  Another day for CASARA Nanaimo to be very proud of.  Two flights; one in support of Cowichan (Ground) SAR, the other a regular training exercise.

The common denominator; Accuracy.  Both flights must be commended on their accuracy in providing NoCL responses to finding the assigned targets.  We are talking about a “few” meters, phenomenal success!

Doug, HKU, took one flight to assist CSAR in successfully searching for a missing Hand-Glider and then stayed on scene of help with other CSAR assigned tasks. John, BXA, went north in an equally successful search of a missing aircraft, re: ELT.  We are talking of both flights being accurate within +/- 20 metres.  Think about it!

Flight personnel involved; Wolfgang, Peter (Navs), Dora, Andrew, Jenny & Johnathan (Spotters).  Field Comms support was provided by Bob, Paul, Edie & Jon.  SQH was directed by Dallen with Martin as Comms … neither of whom would have passed “muster” without the dedicated and supportive input from both Howard & Jim.

The diversity and flexibility bodes well for CASARA Nanaimo.