CASARA Nanaimo were active participants in this multi-day exercise, both in the air and on the land.   Originally scheduled to undertake 7 flights over three days we managed to successfully complete 3 flights.  The others being cancelled because of electrical and weather related issues.  The first 2 flight involved Coastal Searches between Banfield and Port Renfrew.  Task was to find, photo & record the location(s) of 9 items – we found 6 … pretty good going.  The longest flight time being 3, 1/2 hrs, which in a 4 seater Cessna aircraft is challenging enough by itself!  The 3rd flight was an “Intercept”. An imaginary in-flight pilot medical condition requiring a 422 Squadron Buffalo Rescue Aircraft locating us then talking the Navigator through a process to stabilize the Cessna and guide it to the nearest airfield, in our case Port Alberni, for the Pilot then to land!  CASARA Nanaimo also provided a Search Co-Ordinator/Manager at the SHQ in Tofino for the duration of the exercise.   Our thanks to 422 Squadron for not just inviting us but also for the training opportunity and invaluable lessons learnt

Multiple agencies gathered in Tofino for a search-and-rescue exercise that could make all the difference in cases of life and death.