Exciting to see this new SAR resource moving closer to becoming operational!

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Canada’s first Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue aircraft was formally accepted in Spain on December 18.

We are excited about the addition of the CC-295 to our fleet of search and rescue aircraft. This first aircraft will support further qualification work and initial operational testing and evaluation by Royal Canadian Air Force crews in Spain. It’s expected that this work will be completed by mid-2020, after which the aircraft will be on its way to Comox, B.C. to begin the fleet transition from the Buffalo aircraft.

In the meantime, we expect a training aircraft to arrive in Comox, B.C., in January. This aircraft will be a valuable training device for our maintenance crews. It will be disassembled upon arrival, and partially reassembled inside our new FWSAR training centre.

The new fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft will carry out critical, life-saving search and rescue missions across Canada’s vast and challenging territory, including the Arctic.