Busy few weeks for the CASARA/PEP Air Nanaimo team.  Training continues to be the mainstay of our activities and shows no let-up just because of the Fall or even time-changes !

October 26:  Canadian Coast Guard SAR Pod, 2019 – French Creek/Secret Cove.  CASARA/PEP Air Nanaimo were invited to participate in CCG’s Exercise involving one of their permanent Lifeboats, Cape Kuper, 3 RMCSAR rescue vessels from Deep Bay, Nanaimo & Pender Harbour, plus an Auxiliary vessel.  We were active in the exercise deploying 2 Aircraft and had 3 members assigned onboard two of the CCG vessels as Observers, plus support from SHQ staff.

October 30:  Spotter training with approx 16 members being put through their paces by Military staff from 422 Squadron, aboard one of their Cormorant helicopters.

November 09:  CASARA/PEP Air Nanaimo members will be attending additional training, again from 422 Squadron personnel, in the art of ELT Homing.  ELT Ground Homing has recently become recognized  as a fully certified activity.  We have many members currently pursuing their individual certification.

This is all additional to our regular flight currency air training exercises and monthly academic training sessions.

Way to go Volunteers ….. “That Others May Live” .  Thank you !