A scheduled Air Training Exercise, Aug 09, turned into a long 14 hour day for several of our members.  The plan was to conduct two flights North of Qualicum.   Just as the first flight was about to launch we received a request from ERMBC/JRCC to deactivate an Emergency Beacon (ELT) on SSI. The Beacon’s transmit had been heard & reported by high flying commercial aircraft.  It was logically assumed the source was from an aircraft that had a ‘crash landing’ the previous day. The flight was re-assigned to verify transmission using on-board Homing equipment. Members were then deployed to  SSI deactivate the ELT.    The flight crew however determined that the signal was not coming from SSI but much closer to Duncan, Quamichan Lake.  EMBC/JRCC re tasked us to send a specialized Ground Homing Team to the Lake.   A second flight was launched to assist in pin-pointing the exact location of the ELT Beacon.   After a complex process of elimination by both air & ground teams we had a definitive location.  The owner of the aircraft involved was contacted.  The ELT Beacon which had been accidently set-off was turned off.   Coincidences, yes !  The Training & skill sets of our members paid off. Mystery solved, great result.

#That Other’s May Live