Tsunami/Earthquake Alerts & Beyond

In addition to the 'traditional' role of Search & Rescue, PEPAir is one of several agencies that will most likely be asked to assist in the event of an actual Tsunami and/or Earthquake. As such, we PEPAir/CASARA Nanaimo could well [...]

Tsunami/Earthquake Alerts & Beyond2018-01-28T11:01:45-07:00

ELT Practice Frequency Change – National

JANUARY 17 2018 CASARA National has been advised by DND to change the ELT practice homing frequency to 121.775. There are already some provinces using this frequency, however it has recently been approved by the Government of Canada Technology Branch (replacement for [...]

ELT Practice Frequency Change – National2018-01-24T14:14:51-07:00
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