Air Exercise, March 20

CGVBA was yet again called into action.  Dallen required flights (DF/ELT) to count toward his currency & Wolfgang needed to add to his CASARA flying hours. Special thanks to the Spotters for steeping up to the plate to make this [...]

Air Exercise, March 202018-03-21T16:06:55-07:00

Air Exercise – March 10

CGVBA, Pilot Wolfgang, was again called into training action for two flights totaling 3.1 hrs of flight time.  Why?  Both Navs, Howard & Martin, required specific flight patterns to maintain their "currency". Wolfgang added to his necessary Pilot hours.  Our [...]

Air Exercise – March 102018-03-21T16:07:25-07:00

Military SAREX 2018

Island CASRA units were actively involved in the Military SAREX over the period Feb 26 - Mar 01.  Some 16 flights were planned with 7 being allocated to CASARA Nanaimo.   Our fearless leader, Jim, was the Search Co-ordinator/Manager for [...]

Military SAREX 20182021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00
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