Air Exercise – Feb 24

A break in the weather allowed 2 training flights using two aircraft; CFBXA & CGVBA.  GVBA is owned by Nanaimo flying Club and was piloted by Wolfgang - his first official flight as a CASARA Pilot. Congratulations Wolfgang. The Exercise [...]

Air Exercise – Feb 242018-02-28T11:58:37-07:00


CASARA Nanaimo were active participants in this multi-day exercise, both in the air and on the land.   Originally scheduled to undertake 7 flights over three days we managed to successfully complete 3 flights.  The others being cancelled because of [...]

MILITARY SAREX 20182021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00

Feb Training: Wilderness Fire Lighting

In the third of his Survival Series ( aka;  F, F, S, S, F)  WO Dave Knubley (SARTech, 442 Comox) coached some 20+ members from CASARA Nanaimo & Victoria in the art of wilderness fire lighting.  While the weather cooperated [...]

Feb Training: Wilderness Fire Lighting2021-12-01T17:13:04-07:00

Sealed Containers at High Altitude

PEP Air      Safety Bulletin 2018 – 01 Subject: Sealed Containers at High Altitudes Background: A potentially very serious incident resulted from the opening of a thermos at high altitude (17,000' +) which contained very hot water. Upon opening [...]

Sealed Containers at High Altitude2018-02-07T13:53:57-07:00
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